Upload your music for free. We deliver it to 40+ online stores and streaming platforms.
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Why Upload With Magroove?
Free Music Distribution Services
Added to Magroove Discovery
No Legal Attachments & Paperwork Free
Free Magroove Store
Distribution to 40+ stores
100% Royalties from Plays and Downloads
Full Analytics Reports
Pre-Save on Spotify for Artists
Is it really for free ?
What's the catch?
Yes! Create your Magroove For Artists account to upload your music to Spotify and 40+ online stores and streaming platforms FOR FREE! Your music will be online - you will get what you want - with no precharges.

The only thing we keep is a small yearly fee - 5 USD per release uploaded - which is retained from your earnings. Keep in mind that a “release” is either a Single , a whole Album or an EP
How can I distribute my music for free?
Sign Up for a Magroove For Artists account with a Facebook, Google or Spotify account.
Give us your Artist Name and your Release Name .
Drag n' drop your audio files and your cover art . See requirements .
Upload unlimited songs - we'll generate your songs ISRC codes for free if you don't have them.
Get your releases on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and 40+ other streaming platforms and online stores with no precharges.
Receive full reports on your songs stats and keep 100% of your royalties.
Pay us only if you make money from digital royalties (5 dollars a year per release).
Get access to many features : create link trees, online stores to sell band products, custom websites, pre-save your releases and much more!
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Important notes!
Check your Magroove Balance on your Earnings tab - it gathers all the money you earn with our services.
At the moment we can only pay you through Payoneer.
You can withdraw your money once you reach USD 50 - that's important to avoid too many fees.
To which platforms will Magroove upload my music?
Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, TikTok… the list is long and it keeps growing! You can check the full list of partners here
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And does Magroove take any of my music rights ?
Absolutely not ! We won't take any part of your music rights.

If you're a signed artist then you should consult your right's holder before uploading your content to Magroove
How long does it take for my release to be online?
It can take up to two weeks for your release to be online in all stores. To reduce this time to a minimum, make sure you go through our upload checklist to get all your files and metadata ready to go.
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Share your music with the world and get paid for it
- Distribute music for free to all major stores and streaming platforms
- Keep 100% of your royalties and rights
- Enjoy the numerous Magroove features to promote and manage your music
- Manage unlimited releases, websites, and band stores from just one place