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Frequently Asked Question
We are always on hand to help. We've put together the answers to questions we get asked the most, which should cover anything and everything you need to know about Magroove. If you need further information, please feel free to get touch with us on artistsupport@magroove.com.
General Questions
+ What is Magroove?
+ Why Magroove?
+ How does Magroove work?
+ What is Magroove Plus?
+ How can I create an account in Magroove for Artists?
+ Will people be able to purchase my songs through Magroove?
+ Can people listen to my full song through Magroove?
+ What is Copyright?
+ What is copyright infringement, and how can I avoid it?
Artist and Label Distribution Questions
+ Can I get signed by a record label after I have signed up to Magroove?
+ Is my relationship with Magroove exclusive?
+ Can you help me book concerts or compose songs?
+ I am a signed artist. Can I upload to Magroove.
+ I am already distributing my songs with another Music Distributor. Can I switch to Magroove?
Costs & Revenue Questions
+ Do my songs generate revenue when played/recommended through Magroove?
+ How much does Magroove cost?
+ How much does Magroove+ cost?
+ What percentage of sales do I receive?
+ How much will Magroove pay me?
+ How can I receive my payment?
Upload Questions
+ What is a Release?
+ How many tracks can I upload?
+ Can I upload Covers to Magroove.?
+ To which stores and music services will my music be distributed to with Magroove+?
+ How long does it take for my music to be visible on the retail partners sites?
+ Why am I not seeing my releases' stats and reports after uploaded?
+ What is an ISRC Code?
+ What is an UPC Code?
+ Do you generate UPC and ISRC codes for me when I upload?
+ How can I take down my music from stores & retailers?
+ Will Magroove sign with more retail partners in the future?
Other Concerns
+ I have a question that is not on the FAQ. How can I ask it to you?